• TwistingoTwistingo
    Is this a board game or a puzzle game? We can't decide, but it sure is fun!

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your top 5 favorite games

  • Blackhole SolitaireBlackhole Solitaire
    This one takes solitaire to a new level, just try to clear all your cards!
  • Bounce OutBounce Out
    In this straight forward, yet fun game, just swap the colored balls around to make three or more in a row.
  • FruitsFruits
    Match the fruits to clear the board, and making combos scores big points!
  • MahjonggMahjongg
    This great tile game will have you going for hours. If you run into any trouble you can hit the hint button.

additional favorite games

  • Card SweepCard Sweep
    Its like a matching game... only better. The more matches you make in a row the higher your score goes! See how long you can go!
  • Chick FlickChick Flick
    A cute game where you have to get the chicks into the nest.
  • Clear The PyramidClear The Pyramid
    Play cards Egyptian style in this take on solitaire. Pile up the cards for each suit to win!
  • Concrete DreamsConcrete Dreams
    Pick from 4 levels, 4 colors, 3 detail levels, and 6 screen sizes, this game is truly an awesome Java version of future racing.
  • DropheadsDropheads
    Match the shrunken heads to make them disappear!
  • Free CellFree Cell
    If its not on your system you can play it here!
  • Fruit FallFruit Fall
    Turn your brain upside down in this fun puzzler! You must turn the level around to match the falling fruits.
  • Gem DropGem Drop
    In this fancy looking game you have to try and create clusters of three or more gems to make them disappear.
  • Get 2Get 2
    Who would have thought that matching could be so fun! Remember that matching pairs is worth more.
  • GlinxGlinx
    Try to make a train of pieces to clear them from the board. It's also fun to try to and see how many pieces you can get in a single chain.
  • Hot AirHot Air
    Guide your ballon around all 25 levels of this crazy game. Try to avoid the spikes while collecting the stars and landing on the red launch pad.
  • Larkinor QuestLarkinor Quest
    Start your online journey with this game. It's a fun multi-player online world. You can do all kinds of stuff, check it out.
  • Mahjong 2Mahjong 2
    Choose your layout and get going in this good looking classic Mahjong game.
  • NoidsNoids
    This game is complete with great sound, and graphics. It even runs smooth, this is what its like to have robots rule your world.
  • Number JumpNumber Jump
    This is a clean little game that takes a little strategy to get most of the panels off and a whole lot of luck to clear the board.
  • Panne RottoPanne Rotto
    Now talk about a brain teaser! A game that will keep your head circling for hours!
  • Par 3 SolitairePar 3 Solitaire
    An addictive golf solitare game.
  • Park A LotPark A Lot
    An intersting game where you have to park the cars of the mall shoppers.
  • PilePile
    If you win at this Luck is on your side!!
  • PinballPinball
    This is a pretty fun Java version of pinball, with good graphics, and great game play.
  • Pirate AdventurePirate Adventure
    Only by exploring this strange island will you be able to uncover the clues necessary to lead you to your elusive goal... (Difficulty: Beginner)
  • Pop N DropPop N Drop
    Try to shoot the colored balls at the other ones to get big combos and rack up the points!
  • PuzzaloopPuzzaloop
    Match the row of rings if you can!
  • PyramidPyramid
    This is a fun new twist on cards!